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Below you will find links to the pages of colleagues and friends working on similar subjects with whom I have had many an exchange on my favourite topics, as well as colleagues who helped me with photography and recording.

Elam Rotem and his wonderful website

Therese de Goede 

Ian Pritchard who started the intavolatura projects

Maria Luisa Baldassari with her fantastic collection of pictures of keyboard handpositions

Catalina Vicens, Maria Luisa Baldassari and Markus Grassl partners in crime in the organisation

of "the Harpsichord in the 16th Century" conferences

For most of the photographs: Ivan Kitanovic 

For the Sweelinck and Cavazzoni recordings: Martin Rainer  and Magdalena Hasibeder

I would also like to thank my former students from whom I learnt so much. Many of them became wonderful colleagues. 

My Harpsichords

I own two harpsichords by Joel Katzman, one inspired by a small Ruckers instrument (a=415) and the other inspired by a Trasuntino instrument from 1531 (a=348). I thank Sonja Leipold for letting me record some videos on her 4' spinettino.

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