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Conference papers (unpublished)


  • 2014-Sonare sopra il basso, Amsterdam: 'sonare sopra'l basso!: how new was this invention?

  • 2015-Studientag Generalbass, Basel: Simone Verovio – Intabulations and basso continuo.

  • 2015-MedRen Brussels: Characteristic and Implications of Printing Music with Intaglio Techniques: The Case of Simone Verovio.

  • 2016-Music for Liturgy and devotion Manchester: The Concept of  'Amateur' in Music for Liturgy and Devotion.

  • 2016-MedRen Sheffield: Lute and harpsichord together? - Evidence from the intabulations in the prints of Simone Verovio.

  • 2018-Baroque Conference, Cremona: Simone Verovio: on the border between intabulations and basso continuo.

  • 2018- IMS Tablature Studygroup, Basel: Simone Verovio: Canzonetta prints including intabulations for lute and harpsichord: a Comparison.

  • 2018-Lasting Impressions, Salzburg: Ceci n’est pas un livre imprimé: The Case of Engraved Music in Rome Around 1600.

  • 2019-MedRen Basel: Keyboard Accompaniment in Italian Music in the Second Half of the 16th Century.

  • 2019-HKSNA Houston: Keyboard Accompaniment in Italian Music around 1600.

  • 2020-'Journées de la Basse Continue' CNSMD Paris: Keyboard Accompaniment in Italian Music in the Second Half of the Sixteenth Century.

  • 2021-The Figured Bass Accompaniment in Europe, on-line conference: Keyboard Accompaniment in Italian Music around 1600 Notated in Score.

  • 2022-Alamire, Leuven: Musical Typoglycemia: Filling in missing gaps in Italian keyboard parts meant for accompanying.

  • 2023-Studientag Generalbass, Basel with Elam Rotem: Keyboard Accompaniment in Italy around 1600: Intabulations, Scores and Basso Continuo.

  • 2023-Baroque Conference Geneva: The Art of "Not Leaving the Instrument Empty" revisited.

  • 2023-MUK, Vienna Impulstage: Begleiten am Tasteninstrument in Italien um 1600.

  • 2023-mdw, Vienna: Die Kunst "das Instrument nicht leer klingen zu lassen".

  • 2024-KVNM Utrecht (NL): Music Printing innovations in Rome around 1600:
    Simone Verovio and his network of co-immigrants from the Low Countries. 


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