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Intabulations and (short) scores

In general keyboard parts meant for accompanying singers or instrumentalists are printed in separate parts-books. The only known sources that contain both the ornamented upper part(s) as well as keyboard intabulations in score are the Luzzaschi Madrigali (Rome: Verovio, 1601) and the Carlo G. manuscript. For all other music we need to make our own scores to be able to see what is happening.

On this page you can download some intabulations put into a score with the individual parts. All changes and added notes have mostly been indicated in red in the keyboard part. In the near future I will add more pieces to this collection and I will also make more (short) scores available that demonstrate how to approach realising upper parts. Some solo keyboard intabulations with their models in score can be found in the third  table..

Feel free to download, but please comply with                            .


Scores and short scores with the vocal parts

Solo intabulations with their model

Fingering according to Diruta and Banchieri

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